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Some people just tolerate living with their dysfunctional old kitchen or bath because they aren’t sure how to create what they want. They may be unsure of how to get the design they want or are daunted by the significant investment of time and energy the project will require and they‘re afraid of the real risk of making costly mistakes. Unfortunately, there are too many stories of a home owner hiring a contractor expecting the contractor to take care of everything, only to find that they need to keep continuous tabs on the contractor just to make sure they get what they want and are paying for.

If you want the kitchen and bath of your dreams for your current or new home, hiring an experienced designer is the way to get exactly what you want, without the trials and tribulations of trying to do it all –design, product selections, construction management –on your own.

A recent client of mine hated their dysfunctional old kitchen and bath, yet they put up with them –for far too long –because the mere thought of doing a remodel project was too stressful. They were embarrassed by their outdated kitchen, and the limited counter space made meal prep an ordeal. Though their bath looked okay, they were annoyed with sharing the sink and storing the towels down the hall.

During our first meeting, they were excited to know that I would handle everything from start to finish, and that and they could get the kitchen and bath they desired without the stress and hassle they feared. After listening to learn what they really desired, and discussing options they hadn’t even considered, I presented several 3D renderings with options so they could fully envision the possibilities and choose the plan that was best suited for them.

During the process, they enjoyed the ease of selecting all the elements –cabinets, fixtures, finishes, and lighting –from curated options that I provided to enhance the design, serve their needs, and fit their budget. They were quite happy to avoid spending their valuable time researching the multitude of options on their own. They had a few items on their wish list and were disappointed to learn that the cost of the range and fridge they wanted seemed out of their budget. That is until I suggested some ways that could reduce costs in less significant areas. They were thrilled that they could have those items and keep the project costs in line with their budget.

During construction, I coordinated with the contractor, kept an eye on the progress, and resolved issues as they arose.

My client is thrilled with their beautiful new kitchen and bath. The house they tolerated has been transformed into the home they love. They now enjoy cooking and hosting gatherings for their friends and family in their welcoming and functional kitchen. Their new spa like bathroom with two sinks makes for a pleasurable start of the day as well as a comforting place to relax at days end.

As an experienced designer and architect, I have seen how design can make or break a project. Good design will enhance people’s lives, helping them to live happier and healthier, as well as increased return on their investments. Poor design will be disappointing and attempts to remediate it can turn into a money pit.

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen or bath, let’s talk about the possibilities on a complimentary 30 minute video call consultation. I want to hear about your dream space, and let you know exactly what you can expect when you work with an experienced designer.

Stop tolerating your old/outdated/ugly/dysfunctional/embarrassing… spaces. You deserve a home that works for you, beautifully. Why not make that dream a reality now?

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