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Wouldn’t you love a kitchen that works for you AND looks beautiful? Together we’ll create a new space that brings you both pleasure and ease. One that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


Before the design process even begins, we’ll explore the role your kitchen plays in your household: Does it need to accommodate one or multiple cooks? Will it be a hub of home activity? The center for entertainment? Or just a spot to grab morning coffee and a quick meal?


I’ll draw out your style and help you select from design element options (style, colors, materials, finishes) that appeal to you. We’ll determine the fixtures and appliances that provide the most functionality for your needs.


You Deserve a Home that Works for You... Beautifully.

Jamie Stevens Design Brings
  • Fresh, unique, unexpected ideas.​

  • Solutions that are what you want and need –even if you aren’t sure what that is.

  • Thoughtful personalized attention from start-to-finish.

I approach every project with practicality and a creative flair. My goal is to find innovative solutions that delight everyone in your household.  I’ll guide you through every step of the remodeling process to save you time and avoid costly mistakes. If budgets become an issue, I’ll offer creative solutions to help you get what’s most important to you.

Bathrooms can be especially challenging, as they’re often used by more than one person. The bathroom needs to function for all users, who may have very different wishes, let alone style preferences.  I’ll talk with all the users to find out what’s not working currently and what each would want if they could wave a magic wand.


The Bath serves multiple purposes: a place for primping, relaxation, washing, and privacy. We’ll discuss what your remodeled bathroom needs to be for the users: Does it simply need to provide the basics? To be a morning workhorse? Or do you want a restful oasis?


Whether it’s a powder room, the kid’s bath, or your en-suite master bath, I’ll work with you and your family so that it meets exactly what you all need and want. Together we’ll create your dream space.

Spa Bath

Your home office or studio should be an inspiring and functional space for you to get your day’s work done. We’ll create a space that makes organization easy so you experience less stress and increased productivity…and even enjoy your surroundings!


When you’re not working, you want to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. A custom entertainment center enhances the experience of gathering to watch a movie or the game. It provides organized storage for your electronics, games, and even a fridge so you don’t miss a moment of the fun.

office web_edited.jpg

Are you frustrated by your disorganized closets? Customized closets truly make life easier. Designed specifically to your needs, these organized spaces make getting dressed and ready for the day a simple joy. No more struggling to find what you need when you need it.


I love to make spaces work…to solve storage problems while allowing for organization and easy access. Closet/storage areas can be surprisingly fun and creative, which makes them all the more gratifying.

Well Organized Closet

Jamie Stevens


Jamie Stevens has a rare combination of talents and experience. She’s an architect, designer, and artist. You can count on her to find unconventional solutions to conventional problems.


Her philosophy is straightforward: she believes a home is far more than just a house.  A house is the structure. A home is where you live…a place with meaning. Your home needs to not only feel good and look good, but work beautifully for all who inhabit it


Jamie is a discerning listener. Her clients love working with her because she asks pertinent questions and listens to get to the heart of their issues. She offers a savvy, fresh point of view – a view that fuses functionality with creative design.


When multiple people share a space, she is gifted at working with all involved to create design solutions that please everyone.


Jamie has empathy. Because she rehabbed her own homes (while living in them!), she understands the stress involved and knows how to make the process easier for her clients. She moves the project forward with consideration and patience amidst her clients’ busy lives.


As an independent designer and architect, Jamie is compensated for her design and expertise. She does not charge a commission on product, nor is she beholden to any manufacturers. That means she focuses on selecting products to suit your needs vs upselling products to increase profits.


Her clients love how she creates possibilities that meet their needs, values and style preferences. Her creative designs go beyond current fads, thus remain more timeless. If there’s a need, she will find -- or even create -- a solution!


You’ll find that nothing gives Jamie greater pleasure than solving design puzzles and finding solutions that delight you.


“Jamie is not only a great designer, but one with great empathy and patience for her clients. She serves them with integrity, creativity and a ‘no-stones-unturned’ tenacity.” –Pam H, Architect

“Jamie is smart, talented, a great architect and wonderfully no-nonsense, while being warm to talk and work with. –Heather B

“I had the pleasure of working with Jamie. She has a great sense of space utilization; she thinks creatively as well as practically. Jamie also has confidence in what she is doing and instills a sense of confidence in your success. I recommend Jamie whole-heartedly!” –Salllie S

“Jamie is enthusiastic, and an empathic listener. Her priority is finding practical and creative solutions to meet our needs. She was almost like a therapist, resolving conflict caused when our home wasn’t working for us. And she was really good at nudging us.” –Amy W

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