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You Deserve a Home that Works for You...                                                                        Beautifully.

Jamie Stevens Design Brings
  • Fresh, unique, unexpected ideas.​

  • Solutions that are what you want and need              –even if you aren’t sure exactly what that is.

  • Thoughtful personalized attention from start-to-finish.

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Jamie Stevens



Jamie Stevens is a talented and experienced architect, designer, and artist. You can count on her to find unconventional solutions to conventional problems.


She believes a home is a place with meaning. Your home needs to not only feel good and look good, but work beautifully.

Jamie approaches every project with practicality and a creative flair. Her goal is to find innovative solutions that delight. She will guide you through every step of the design and remodel process. 


Her clients love working with her because she asks pertinent questions and listens to get to the heart of their issues. She offers a savvy, fresh point of view – a view that fuses functionality with creative design. She moves the project forward with consideration and patience amidst her clients’ busy lives.


Jamie passionate about solving design puzzles and finding solutions that delight you.

“Jamie is not only a great designer, but one with great empathy and patience for her clients. She serves them with integrity, creativity and a ‘no-stones-unturned’ tenacity.” –Pam H, Architect

“Jamie is smart, talented, a great architect and wonderfully no-nonsense, while being warm to talk and work with. –Heather B

“I had the pleasure of working with Jamie. She has a great sense of space utilization; she thinks creatively as well as practically. Jamie also has confidence in what she is doing and instills a sense of confidence in your success. I recommend Jamie whole-heartedly!” –Salllie S

“Jamie is enthusiastic, and an empathic listener. Her priority is finding practical and creative solutions to meet our needs. She was almost like a therapist, resolving conflict caused when our home wasn’t working for us. And she was really good at nudging us.” –Amy W

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