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Your Space, Your Style

Maybe you like contemporary with flair…modern with emotion…eclectic with elegance.
Maybe you’re not sure what you like, just that you want it to feel extraordinary.

Welcome to Jamie Stevens Design. Let me help create a living experience that embraces all that you are. Because nothing is more inspiring than coming home to your dream kitchen or opening the door to your dream bath.



Meet Jamie Stevens

As an architect and designer with over 20 years of experience, I’m also a lifelong artist, glassblower, and furniture designer who loves to create spaces that are a little out of the box.
Personalized rooms with a thoughtful, artful touch.

Bring me your most complicated space needs. Your most challenging rooms. Kitchens, baths, (plus other areas!) that feel like an unsolvable puzzle. I love puzzles. I solve them with style.


My superpower? Listening. My other superpower? Visualizing. I listen to you. I listen to your home. Then I imagine, conceptualize, and create the space that gives you more than you ever thought possible.

I’m here to make sure it’s beautiful. I’m here to make sure it’s functional.
And I’m here to be your ally so the entire process is easy.

My goal? A finished project that gives you exactly what you want. And more.


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